Egoboo Development Diary 2

Egoboo now relies on SDL 2.x, received lots of bugfixes and performance improvements, and adds support for Travis CI and AppVeyor. This is the second post of the “Egoboo Development Diary” series in which the developers keep you informed on the course and progress of the development of Egoboo.

Hello and welcome to the second part of the Egoboo Development Diary series! We are happy to announce that the game is already in a much better and stable state since our previous diary post. There still remains work to be done before the game is playable enough for end-users (some options features missing, still some game blocking bugs). We still need playtesters though and to facilitate this we are working towards introducing daily-builds to give playtesters access to the bleeding-edge version of Egoboo!

Upgrade to SDL 2.x

One of the major milestones of the roadmap has been completed, the conversion to SDL 2.x. For the user this means many minor improvements such as better platform compatibility, improved fullscreen support, improved keyboard support and many minor annoyances are gone. SDL 2.x also has support for iOS and Android platforms, but development for those are not in focus yet – let’s get this game working properly on PC first!


While some bugs still remain, many fixes have been implemented already. Here is a short excerpt of some of the bugs we have fixed since January:

  • Weather effects work again (rain, snow, etc.)
  • Fix item grabbing not working properly
  • Fix particle animations not looping properly
  • Lava now actually hurts you
  • Save games properly work again
  • Coins bounce again and make coiny noises
  • Blud hits the ground again and de-spawns
  • Water is properly rendered again
  • Lighting effects work properly again
  • Weapons have proper hitboxes again
  • Money can be picked up again!
  • Fixed many graphical issues or glitches like transparency, reflections or shine
  • Whips now uncoil when used
  • Memory leaks fixed
  • Various crash fixes
  • Many other minor bugs

Game Updates

We also took the liberty of improving some various game mechanics:

  • Looting a chest now drops its contents in front of the chest instead of all around it (leading to items stuck behind or inside the chest object)
  • Changes the story and some content of the Wizard Starter
  • Game logic now supports more than 4 armour types (no class has more than 4 yet)
  • Adventurer Starter now starts with a Knife
  • Improved module loading screen
  • Module difficulty is now represented by skulls
  • Game now runs at 60 FPS (was normally capped to 30 before)

Committment to modern yet proven and sustainable principles, methods, tools, and languages

We have already reaped the benefits of converting the codebase to modern C++. We received major performance improvements and eliminated many bugs simply by porting the existing codebase to modern C++. Also beneficial to our work was the introduction of The project of continuous integrations services AppVeyor (Windows/Visual Studio Community) and Travis CI (Linux/GCC/CLANG, OS X/CLANG). The developersfully commit themselves to modern yet sustainable principles, methods, tools, and languages to ensure the future of Egoboo. There is still a lot do and if you are interested in helping, don’t be shy to contact us on gitter.

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