Egoboo Development Diary 3

It’s time for the third part of the development diary series of Egoboo! This time we are happy to announce some new gameplay improvements.

In-Game GUI

Egoboo finally has a proper user-interface in-game. We have designed the current system so that it is easy to expand or improve upon. This features a new inventory and character screen. Now you can finally examine your character attributes and defences.

New character and inventory interface

The minimap can now be moved around and resized using the M button. Now the icon of characters or monsters is drawn on the minimap instead of tiny blips.

New minimap zoom feature

A new simplified and improved Video Options screen is implemented. A similar screen for Audio and Input Binding is in the works.

Attribute Revamp

Some focus has been made into making the character attributes more interesting. Egoboo currently features the following character attributes:


Formerly known as Strength. Represents the fortitude, power and physical prowess of your character. Your Might attribute directly affects the following:

  • This increases damage with melee weapons
  • Determines knockback effect
  • Jump power
  • Block chance for shields and chance to break a Block
  • Increases character size

Formerly known as Dexterity. Represents how fast, energic and quick your character can react and move. A character’s Agility directly affects the following things:

  • Increases attack speed
  • Movement speed
  • Hit chance with ranged weapons
  • Damage with ranged weapons
  • Chance to disarm traps and unlock chests

Both the Intelligence and Wisdom attributes were merged into a single Intellect attribute. Too little separated these two attributes in terms of game mechanics so it made sense to merge them to make intellect an overall more interesting attribute. Intellect is the measurement how clever, wise and perceptive your character is and affects the following:

  • Damage with all spells (both Arcane and Divine)
  • Hit chance for spells
  • Experience gain
  • Chance to find traps and hidden treasure
Mana Regeneration

How fast your mana regenerates per second. Was formerly called Mana Return.

Life Regeneration

A completely new attribute that determines how fast your life regenerates per second. Only special effects and magic usually gives life regeneration.

Spell Power

Formerly known as Mana Flow, your Spell Power determines which spells you can cast and how powerful they are. For example: a Wizard with 3 Spell Power can summon 3 Magic Missiles while an Adventurer with 1 Spell Power can only summon one Magic Missile.


Character development is integral in any rogue-like RPG and Egoboo is no exception to that. We felt that the old level up system did not really feel satisfying so we have expanded this using the new GUI system mentioned above. Each time your character gains an experience level, you clearly see which of your attributes is improved and by how much. Furthermore you get to select a Perk to learn. A Perk is a unique bonus that your character gains permanently. Some of them unlock new abilities or improve your existing ones. Each class has a different set of Perks to select from and some Perks are unique to each class. So far we have added almost 100 unique Perks!
Here are some examples of the Perks an Adventurer can learn:

Athletics: +25% Jump Power and +50% movement in water
Rally: Nearby allies gain +10% movement speed and attack damage
Dodge: +1% chance per Agility to avoid damage.


Which one to pick?

 Bugfixes and Changes

  • Fix collision boxes so that attacks actually hurt their targets and cause knockback
  • Faster texture loading by only loading textures into memory when they are actually needed
  • Fix Gonne particles spawning in the ground
  • Changed how damage resistance works so that it allows for more granularity and prevent resistance to block damage completely. (unless complete immunity was intended)
  • Fix so that particles spawned by Weapons are owned by the holder of the Weapon
  • Fix particles not properly de-spawning (e.g Soldier Starter)
  • Replaced or removed some IDSZ flags in Objects that weren’t doing what was intended
  • Fix some Particles not being properly rendered
  • Healer and Paladin Healing cloud can now properly hit multiple enemies or friends
  • Fix knockback logic
  • Swipe weapons like Claw or Sword can properly hit multiple enemies
  • Make aiming with ranged weapons easier
  • Improve renderer logic
  • Improved memory management to reduce chance of memory leaks
  • Screenshots are not saved in PNG format
  • Prevent some in-game messages from being spammed
  • Game performance improvements
  • Improved cross-platform interoperability
  • Crash fixes
  • Many, many other minor bugs resolved

We need you!

We always welcome help! Pop into the developer chat if you wish to help us. We need anything from coders, graphic artist, web designer to game testers. We would like to have someone draw a new interface for the main menu among other things. This website sorely needs to be remade and kept up to date with 2015.

We have now fully migrated to Visual Studio 2015 and dropped support for 2013 so that we can fully utilize the new features of C++11. We have also an up-to-date build system for both MinGW and Linux using GCC. OS X has also a working build system.

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