Egoboo Development Diary 4

It’s time for the fourth part of the development diary series of Egoboo! We introduce introduce a special perk in the new perk system called Stealth, a charge bar for spells and improvements to the physics system.


We have implemented a completely new and standardized stealth system. The Stealth ability is acquired from a Perk and is activated by pressing the Stealth button. While your character is in Stealth mode, he/she will move slower but cannot be detected by enemy monsters. You cannot enter stealth while enemies can see you and there is a chance based on your Agility vs their Intellect if you are detected while stealthing. For monsters looking directly at you, this chance is significantly increased. Bumping into enemies, jumping or attacking automatically reveals your position.


The Stealth system can be used to sneak behind monsters and backstab them, sneak past monsters to avoid fights or to surprise sleeping monsters without waking them up! There are a couple of Perks that improve your stealth ability, allowing you to jump, move faster and even hide in plain sight! The Rogue starts with the basic Stealth perk while the Adventurer, Archaeologist, Elf, Tourist, Valkyrie and Zombi can learn this ability at later levels. There are numerous monsters that also take advantage of the new Stealth system, so look out and keep a wary eye towards the shadows!

Spell Channeling

When using magic, there is now a channeling bar which displays how much you need to charge the spell before it is ready to be cast. The charge bar is also split into levels for spells that have different effects depending on how long you charge them (e.g the Missile spell shoots more missiles the longer you charge it). The charge bar automatically scales depending on your Spell Power ability.

Note the charge bar in the top right corner. Unleashing the spell now would summon 2 additional missiles.

Game Physics

This update has been long overdue. Major improvements and fixes have been made to the game physics.

  • This gives a better overall feel when colliding with other objects or walls.
  • You can no longer glitch through other objects or get stuck inside walls.
  • You can no longer slide into boxes, tables or corners of bookshelves
  • Improved platform physics for easier jumping between platforms
  • Particle physics have been improved for better collision detection
  • Slippery ice works again!
  • Its easier to jump on top of mounts

This should also fix a couple of physics related bugs like activating switches when bumping or triggering weight related traps or buttons.

More GUI Improvements

]This is still work in progress, but we’ve added two new tabs to the Character Window (the one with the Attributes and Inventory). A list of known perks that your character has mastered. As you gain many levels, the list of perks you’ve learned grows long and with this window you can select any of the perks you’ve learned to read how it works and what triggers its activation.

Perks Known

What is causing slowdown, draining your health, what exactly does the Morph spell do? Well with the new Active Enchants window you can see all active enchantment effects on your character and examine what attributes they affect.

Active Enchantments

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Various bugfixes for spells not working properly
  • Collision issues fixed (no more glitching through other objects or randomly teleporting inside walls)
  • Fix some doors not opening properly
  • Only draw “Immune!” if objects are truly immune to damage
  • Fix bug in calculating speed limit for characters
  • Fix graphical issue with transparent and shiny objects
  • Various AI improvements
  • Make Egoboo monsters take advantage of new Perk system
  • More accurate frame rate limiting
  • New Audio Options screen
  • Completely new Enchant system that is much less buggy
  • Fix configuration not always saved properly
  • Added new spellbook skins
  • Improved platform physics so they are easier to use
  • Fix weight calculation on platforms (fixing various traps or buttons)
  • Fix some transparency rendering issues
  • Fix some particle graphical issues
  • Fix various Enchant issues
  • Fix ice slippery not working
  • Fix armors always costing 0 zenny
  • Multithreaded loading optimizations
  • Fix/improve particle deflection mechanics
  • Fixed foreground/background rendering
  • Added loading bars
  • Fixed some overflow issues
  • Reduced memory usage and fix memory leaks
  • Game performance optimizations
  • The usual bunch of minor bugfixes


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